How old is your current web site?


The Internet changes at a wickedly fast pace and what you thought was a great site five years ago is probably passé today. Gone are the days when a template site that looked like a high school term paper sufficed for promoting your practice. If you’ve got frames on your web site (and I don’t mean optical frames) — you’re out of date and need a web site overhaul.


Is your practice due for a strategy overhaul or even just some minor website tweaks? It is generally best to update your website if it is not user-friendly, mobile-friendly, or if it is more than 3 years old. If it’s five years old - you need to start from scratch and consider having a new, more efficient, user-friendly web site built for you.


Is your home page compelling?


Most people will abandon your home/landing page within 8 second, so your headline and image is often your one and only shot at convincing them to stick around. Have a compelling, relevant optical image and minimize the text added to this critical page. Be specific and brief Avoid being too cute and clever - it rarely works.

Is your website mobile-friendly?


According to Knowledge Networks, tablet and mobile users spend more than half their time accessing social networks, games, and search engines, while they are out shopping, at work, or sitting in restaurants. The vast majority of people searching for a service are doing so on their mobile devices or tablets and they're often in a hurry. They scroll up and down with their thumbs or swipe with fingers to get a quick overview of the business’s web site. In the case of eye care practitioners that often means, locations, brands carried, vision plans and a brief overview of the practice. What used to be the “about us” has evolved into  — “your story.”  You do have one of those?


Do you actively post pertinent eye care and eye wear blogs?


And, if so, do you connect those blogs with social media. Just as important, do you make it easy to allow the viewers to connect your blogs with their social media. Going viral is a good thing.

Does you practice have social media accounts?


Social media: We recommend (at the very least) Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Don't be an afterthought in your patient’s mind when it comes to eye care and fashion. Yes — you’re selling fashion in that dispensary and the brands you carry are often the deciding factor as to whether a web search brings your practice new patients.

SEO Optimization?


Like web design, the algorithms used by the various search engines change regularly. You must stay on top of those changes to make sure that your site is constantly optimized to yield high ranking search results. We consider on-page as well as off-page elements to increase  your ranking.


Reviewing your business goals and strategies each year should also include adapting your marketing and on-line strategies for new technologies and trends.


TIP: Check your analytics, whether it’s Google Analytics or something else, and figure out what people are doing on your site. What keywords are bringing in traffic from Google? What pages are visitors hanging around on a while and which pages are they bouncing from? Use this data to inform your priorities and next steps.



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